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Room39: physical theatre projects

80 milliseconds

Our conciousness is always 80 milliseconds behind...when you realise that this is present it is already in the past... We are lost between reality and memories, desperately trying to go back, but unable to catch something that is no longer there...seconds, like grains of rice are escaping  through the fingers...Saudage...  longing for something that is no longer there...but still present for us...We are chasing memories and are chased by them, memories that are constantly transforming themselves and erasing borders between the concepts of past, present and future...


A juxtaposition of modern urban reality and the phantasmagorical. Mapping reality -inside a reality, contrasting converging narratives, blending enigmas with scientific interpretations of high tech surveillance, data encryption, information overflow and pastoral walled community in a maze of magical realism. 


We are all functioning under a dualistic nature the one within that is intrinsic and searching to be void of sensory perception and the one that is without that contains a high stimulus and overbearing information that we have to process on a day to day basis. Setting up musically, physically, and technically two separate worlds contained within one space and reality the main character of this piece struggles with which consciousness is worth dissolving and letting go? And what happens when these two worlds meet? 


''Unchose your mind. You are not a prisoner. You are a bird in flight, searching the skies for dreams.'' Haruki Murakami

Cats, Selfies and The Scattered Mind of The Incurable Dreamer

The Full Moon Cafe. A junction hidden in the middle of the virtual highway. A point where space,  time -  and two strangers come together. An innocent encounter that crumbles, lost in the maze of the information age.


The Internet, a modern symbol o f duality. It is bombarding us with extreme variety of information: in times it spreads fear, in times it brings hope and in times everything gets buried under the stream of cat videos, selfies and countless ads…


Room39 invites you to become the witness of a simple affair that turns the world into a never ending labyrinth built upon inability to connect. Perhaps for the first time since humanity existed, the World Wide Web is what brings us  so close together and takes us so far apart...

And what if  our planet was nothing, but one never ending web created by a spider?

Director: Petra Freimund

Art Director: Anna Soboleva

Movement: Jay Walker

Lighting and Projection: Oliver Savidge

Performers: Laura Steiner, Piper Jane-Brown, Charlotte Higgins, Simon Christian, Owen Clark  

Photos were taken by Cornelia Gaie, Mia Chen, Alex Eisenberg 

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